Miracles, Mysteries, Magic

Amid crayons, paper scraps and handmade Easter cards we talk. Do you know why we celebrate Easter? A deep question to ask a five-year-old. I expect responses to do with bunnies and egg hunts, candies and jelly bellies. I’m stupefied when he says, “because of Jesus.” I stop dead in my tracks. What about Jesus?Continue reading “Miracles, Mysteries, Magic”

Prayers for Postpartum Moms

***from 3/15 I remember the deep and cold winter that followed the birth of my son. He was born during a snowy Colorado winter, and for reasons beyond my understanding that ice seemed to permeate more than just the exterior of my home. While I felt this incredible wonder and deep wild love for thisContinue reading “Prayers for Postpartum Moms”

A Thought on Cereal

I’ve always loved listening to my grandmother’s stories. After High School I made a promise to call her every Sunday. During those Sunday phone calls I learned a lot about her life. She was a career-woman, married to a career-man, balancing four children and a busy life. I remember her once telling me about theContinue reading “A Thought on Cereal”

Confessions of a Broken Body

Not too long ago I found this picture: In it I am holding my sweet newborn son, behind me, tucked into the corner was my newest fashion accessory. I think back. Just a few days’ home from the hospital with my first baby. His bright new eyes, my broken body. A baby, a walker, andContinue reading “Confessions of a Broken Body”