The Importance of Noticing the Little Things


It started slow. The noticing of my sweet baby boy as he slept. The noticing my husband’s hand brush mine, noticing the twinkle in this eyes, or that dopey look he makes when he knows he’s being silly.

Now, five, almost six, years into my parenting journey, and seven years into this sweet little marriage I’m attempting to become a professional “noticer”.

Enter Erin. This summer, as I was rubbing elbows with other bloggers, I met Erin. Erin has a whole blog dedicated to noticing the little things, appropriately titled notice the LITTLE things

Her entire space is a call to slow down and take it all in, to notice and savor the small, sweet, simple things that life has to offer.

I love this. 

It is so easy to get caught up in all of life’s busy-ness, to fall head first into responsibility, productivity, and the general go go go of it all. I get it. We need to be responsible and productive in life. We need to get stuff done. I’m there, attempting to wake up every morning by 5am, attempting to write a book, attempting to meet the needs of my children, my husband, my ministry, my friends, family, neighbors, and still somehow someway keep my house clean-ish.


In all that doing sometimes we get wrapped up, lost, we lose sight. We forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. We forget who it is for. We forget the very value of our efforts.

Let’s slow it down, just a bit, especially since we’re entering this very busy, very special holiday season.

Let’s attempt together, you, me, this sweet little online community, to create something more meaningful. We don’t have to add anything extra to our plate to achieve this, in fact, we can start removing the unnecessary. As we start stripping off layers of disposable let’s replace it with something more beautiful. Let’s get minimal about more than just our wardrobes.

Let’s notice the little itty bitty minute beautiful. Let’s inhale in, take it in, hold on to it a little tighter.

Jot it down, store it in your journal, all the little things that have so much meaning, so much love, so much tenderness.

In this season of Thanksgiving let’s start with the little things.

I wish you well.

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  1. oh my goodness friend i want to take your words and put them on the “about” page of my blog. thank you for this. so very glad i met you!!

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