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The Case for Carly – A Review

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I’d like to come shop her LulaRoe boutique. I’ll be totally honest, I cringed just a bit. I’ve only had one other experience with the brand, and while I am a huge lover of wearing leggings from sun up to sun down, I find all the crazy patterns and style “suggestions” to be downright wacky. I’m a jean and tee-shirt girl, so could I ever get on board with this Lula trend? Could I too rock buttery-soft leggings and those adorable baseball tees?

The short answer? Yes. Yes. With a little more yes! Let me explain…

Meet Carly, and LulaRoe leggings

Wacky leggings and prints aside, in my little shopping experience I discovered so many amazing things about this product line.

My number one discovery is that just about everything in the line can be layered. If you’ve been reading my blog for more than two seconds you’ll know I’m a huge proponent of the capsule wardrobe. I like having a minimalist, highly functional, prêt-à-porter wardrobe, and layering here is key.


As a SAHM I need less distraction and more function in my life. I need to get ready for my day in seconds, and honestly I need to feel good about what is on my body. Texture and comfort are huge for me, something Lula got right with just about every piece I tried. Everything on me needs to be soft. Everything needs to be comfortable. But most importantly I need to feel pretty in what I’m wearing. It makes a different. Trust me.

So, using LulaRoe’s top selling tee-shirt dress “The Carly” as our foundation my friend Jamie and I added 6 other items to create a seven-day capsule or vacation wardrobe. (Click Here for some wardrobe ideas from Pinterest) It was so fun and easy. All of these items could easily be rolled into a tiny ball and packed. They don’t really wrinkle, making them all perfect options for vacation.

The majority of LulaRoe products are hand wash only. Okay, this may sound like crazy sauce to most people, but here’s the thing, I’ve tried and tested these products and they hand-wash well. Meaning, if I get a dollop of my daughters apple sauce smeared across the front of my tee-shirt, I can literally throw it in the sink, scrub it out and lay it/or hang it to dry, and it will dry amazingly well, no wrinkles or weird texture.

Finally, I learned that LulaRoe isn’t just crazy patterns. There are some awesome patterns as well, or no pattern at all. When creating our capsule wardrobe we used a gunmetal grey Carly and added layers to it. Featured below you’ll see the subtle and sweet different patterns that we added to the Carly. I’m personally a stripe girl, but fell in love with the beautiful Sarah cardigan, we chose bright colors to go over the Carly.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been wearing my Carly for two weeks now and have dressed it up and down. With a few accessories you can achieve a completely different look. The best thing here is that I’m not worried about those applesauce smears anymore and this little tee-shirt dress can be worn year-around. The fabric is cool to the touch, great for these warm summer days, but can also be layered with leggings and a Sarah cardigan in the winter. My all around favorite piece is the Cassie pencil skirt (shown about layered under the Carly. It can be layered under or over the Carly, worn with any of the tee-shirts featured above or (get this) can be used as an infinity scarf—and looks so adorable layered that way.)

I had so much fun creating this capsule wardrobe! Look how easily it can be packed up using the KonMari folding method:


That’s 6 pieces. That’s it, and pretty much endless options. Grab a pair of sandals, a pair of wedges and some sneakers. Throw in a bathing suit and you’re good to go!

If you’d like to learn more about LulaRoe check out my friend Jamie’s shop, she has some pretty amazing deals going for my readers! If you visit and join her VIP page and comment she will give you $25 towards you next purchase or a free pair of those amazing leggings! How sweet is that?

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