About Rachel

Hello. Meet Rachel. She finds the task of writing about herself in the third person daunting. Nevertheless, she is attempting to write a small bio, which shouldn’t be all that hard considering that she whenever talks to her children she refers to herself in the third person. Why she does this, she knows not, I (I mean she) digresses.

Rachel is somewhat of a nomad from southern California. She calls the sandy white beaches of the Orange Coast line her true home, yet finds herself living in a strange and new terrain in a place called Utah. Despite Utah’s major lack of salt water, oh wait there’s a huge Salt Lake here… Despite the fact that Utah does not boarder a coast line she finds herself strangely at home in this strange place.

Rachel is married to Kile, or Pastor Kile as some call him. He’s a tall ginger man of God who geeks out of a good cup of coffee and a thick book with four titles something to do with theology. Together Rachel and Kile, have moved cross county multiple times during their short marriage, had two amazingly-awesome-and-beautiful children, and experienced the absolute highs and deep dark lows that married life offers.

Rachel thinks life is a journey. Rachel likes the journey. Rachel is in progress. Meet Rachel.