Deconstructed: Bible Study Guide 5 for $55 (Small Group Pricing)


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It wasn’t all that long ago that the idea of sitting down and studying my Bible without the help of a Bible study completely daunted me. As I approached the Word of God I felt ill-equipped and underprepared. Who was I to think I could intelligently understand the text that I was reading?

In truth, I somehow developed this mental block to digging into the Word and as the block grew I found myself reading less and less of the Bible and more and more commentaries about the Bible. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good commentary or well-written Bible study. They challenge us as readers and often help point the way to a deeper understanding of God’s word.


The Bible isn’t some mystical tool only for the eyes of the theologian or seminary grad. No, the Bible is for all of us. I deeply believe that with a posture of humility we can approach the word and get so much out of it before consulting those fantastic other resources.

I want you to feel confident as you pick up your Bible. I want you to be able to read deep and study on your own and do the work of knowing God’s story.

Deconstructed is simply a supplemental tool to help you get to the heart of God’s word. In the pages to come there are fantastic tools laid out for you to get those mental wheels spinning. This will help you as you study the Word, practice memorization and dive deep into understanding the content and context of those sacred pages.


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